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A program that could hardly be more adventurous and inspiring, that is characterized with fascinating versatile sound exploration - in short, a program that puts the listener completely under spell because of a truly infatuating interplay of Ana Topalovic and Nikola Djoric and their respective sonority.
— Klassik Heute

Inspired by songs and dances is full of the musical sophistication and playfulness which comes from two instrumentalists keen to experiment. Their opposing instruments lend a new tonal quality and emotional range to well-known pieces. The cello, whose sound most resembles the human voice, brings a new dimension to the interpretation of the arias. While Nikola Djoric brings hefty pieces such as Beethoven’s 7 Variations to life, his concert accordion playing the piano’s role. The dances and songs on the album are not just inspiration for the two artists. Instead they are given a sound revival by Ana Topalovic and Nikola Djoric – refreshing and self-assured. 




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