Ana Topalovic


Nikola Djoric



Cello and accordion - a surprising combination of instruments. Strings and buttons seem to be made for each other, as if each had been yearning for the other. Without changing a single note of the original music scores, Ana Topalovic and Nikola Djoric bring to life virtuosic and feels personal visions of known classical and modern pieces. 

Duo ARCORD performed in Musikverein Vienna, Gasteig Munich, at Salzburger Festspiele, Austrian Broadcasting Company, as well as at numerous national and international festivals in Germany, Italy, England, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia and China amongst others. 

Their debut CD “Inspired by Songs & Dances” was received with great critical acclaim: Radio Klassik (“CD of the day”), Wiener Zeitung, Kurier, Klassik Heute, Online Merker and was presented in Konzerthaus Vienna. They performed pieces by Beethoven, Purcell, Bach, Tchaikovsky, Dvorak and Bartok, evoking new sound dimensions with their unusual combination of instruments. In 2018 they were featured on a new CD portraying the composer Johanna Doderer released by Capriccio label.


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"...both performers, or rather their instruments blend together and complement each other in a most excellent way, they meet in an intimate embrace. Wonderful!"

- klassik heute


With their unique formation, Duo ARCORD is a welcome guest in diverse concert cycles ranging from early music to new formats. More than a dosen newly composed works have been dedicated to Duo ARCORD, by renowned composers like Johanna Doderer and Gabriele Proy.

In addition to their own solo performances Ana Topalovic and Nikola Djoric also play side by side in Duo ARCORD as soloists. Double concertos for cello, accordion and orchestra were written by composers such as Gabriele Proy and Armin Sanayei and will be performed during the next concert season.

New sound worlds - subtle to wild
— Isabel Herzfeld

Further highlights of the current and upcoming seasons are concert with orchestra in Golden Hall of Vienna’s Musikverein, concerts through Austria promoted by “Jeunesse Austria”, as well as tours through Germany, Russia and China.

(Saison 2019/20)


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